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Lp C&M PNL 059 front (recorded in may, edited in september 1980)

Tre preludi al Circeo op. 194, incipit:

Rondò op. 129, abstract, listen in mp3

Dagli Appunti op. 210, incipit:

Pavana, listen in mp3
Gagliarda, listen in mp3
Valse française
, listen in mp3

Lp C&M PNL 059 backcover (recorded in may, edited in september 1980)

Aranci in fiore op. 87 b, incipit: listen in mp3

Variazioni attraverso i secoli op. 71
, fox-trot: listen in mp3

dalle "Greeting cards" op. 170:

Tarantella op. 87 a, finale, listen in mp3

Giuseppe Ficara and Angelo Persichilli in concert 1982-1983

Rome, Teatro Argentina, february 27th, 1983 Teatro Arhentina, Rome  february 27th, 1983

Tarquinia, july 16th 1982

Hiuseppe Ficara and Angelo Persichilli_1982

Downloads: J.S.Bach: Chaconne

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(Beppe Ficara, Hidding Hall, Cape Town 11 marzo 1981)


« Perhaps the most striking feature of Ficara's playing is his fine sense of tempi. This, coupled to a formidable technical accomplishment, resulted in guitar playing of great authority. .. This was refined Bach playing (Chaconne), holding our interest by its free flow of invention».

Gerry Resnik « Rand Daily Mail», March, 6,1981 (on a few days previous recital).

Adriano Cirillo: Variazioni su un tema di Paganini

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578 Kb, lower recording quality

(Beppe Ficara, Bruxelles, Salle Gothique Hotel de Ville, 16 janvier 1981)

« Ficara’s artistic manipulation of his technical wizardry was illustrated best in Variations on a theme by Paganini, by Adriano Cirillo. Here we hear virtuoso music played by a virtuoso performer.».

Christopher Dew, «The Argus», March 18,1981

Alonso de Mudarra: Variaciones sobre el Conde Claros


438Kb, lower recording quality

Beppe Ficara, (Bruxelles, Auditorium RTBF Place Flagey, recording of 21 janvier 1981)

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